Our Aim is Fat Loss



A healthy diet program should have a single goal: decrease the amount of fat in the fat cells and gain muscle mass in the individuals with muscle deficiency. The weight loss without fat burning, is mainly muscle and water loss, which will increase the sagging of skin and deformation of your body. The weight you lose in that way will result in increase of fat amount when you gain weight again. This way of losing weight in long term perspective causes muscles weakness.

Do not ruin your health to lose weight fast!!

Fast weight loss will damage your health by causing insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals. Individuals who aim to lose weight in a short time do not consume all needed nutrients. Many health problems appears as an effect of wrong nutrition, for example; Vitamin B deficiency affects your nerves and leads to depression, calcium deficiency cause bone damage, iron deficiency negatively affects hair, skin and nails.

Do not let your skin fade during weight loss!!

One of the most common dietary mistake is complete exclusion of fat consumption. If you remove the fat completely from your diet, you will cause insufficient intake of fat soluble vitamins D, E, K. People whose diet content inadequate fat amount after some time start to lose hair, their nails easily become cracked, and skin pale.

Do not worry about the wrong dietary practices you have done in the past

When we start to implement a really healthy diet program all the old wrong dietary practices we have done in the past diets are increasing resistance to lose weight in the body. The weight loss is not as easy as it was in the past anymore. For this reason, individuals who want to lose weight need to be more patient, if it’s possible, they should learn the right nutrition rules under the supervision of an expert as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Protein-rich food helps to achieve weight-loss goals

Protein not only increases satiety, but it also leads to greater energy expenditure and helps save lean body mass during weight loss. The amount of protein in your diet for effective weight loss depends on your calorie needs and body weight.