Obesity Epidemic

Obesity is the increase of fat mass in the body compared to lean body mass, caused by imbalance of absorption and expenditure of energy. Obesity has become the most serious epidemic of 21st century, threatening whole world. In developing countries as well as in developed once the prevalence of obesity increases. In accordance with World Health Organization's (WHO) statistics 1.7 milliard of world population is overweight, obese or morbid obese. 200 million male and 300 million female suffer from obesity.


In spite of the fact that more than 100 million dollar a year all around the world is being spent on weight loss products, herbal medicaments, exercises programs frequency of obesity continues to increase. In the leading causes of human deaths obesity is on 2nd position just after smoking. For last 10 years Obesity and Diabetes Surgeries rate has increased by 761%. Obesity and Diabetes Surgeries are performed using laparoscopic technique and can be very successful if carried out by team experienced in the field of bariatric medicine.