10 Golden Rules to Not Regain Weight




You have reached your desired weight? The next step, is to maintain it. According to research, unfortunately, 80 percent of people is unable to protect weight they gave. They take back all lost or even more. The main reason of this situation is lack of knowledge about weight protecting methods. As much time as you spend on losing weight you should spend on protecting it. Control yourself by weighing in the morning before breakfast. If you realized that you put on weight try to lose it. Remember that new kilograms can be taken very quickly.


To not regain weight obey this 10 golden rules


1. Do shopping properly

Create your nutrition plan and take it with you while shopping. If you work prepare some fresh and dry fruits or other healthy food as fruit yogurt etc. to eat it as a snack between meals.

2. Reduce portion size

Reduce portions of your main meals to half. Soon you will realize that you are losing weight, you will keep obey this rule always. In that way instead of huge portions you will eat smaller portions with more various nutrients.

3. Do not add fat sauces to your food

Do not add to your salad and meal oily salad dressings, cheese sauce, ketchup or mayonnaise. Instead you can use 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil with lemon and vinegar.

4. Stay away from fast food calories

If you prefer to eat a hamburger do not add sauce like mayonnaise or ketchup and complete your meal with undressed salad and dietetic kefir. This way, you will avoid a teaspoon of mayonnaise, which contains five grams of fat.

5. Keep your glass full of water

You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. You should carry a bottle of water with you constantly. Arrange your alarm to remind you every hour about drinking water, you can easily complete 8 glasses of water a day. Water is a vital part of any weight loss diet.

6. Stop making excuses

It is easy to say: I'm so tired, I need to sleep, I have to work. Do not fool yourself and sign up to a sport center with your friends or family. You should not forget to exercise.

7. Do changes

Choose various food product. You can eat red meat, cheese, chicken and other protein sources and you can still lose weight. With such a program you can eat more without getting bored of diet.

8. Speed ​​up your heartbeat

In addition to your normal exercises choose more intense sport, which will speed up your heart rate like tennis or swimming. Burn more calories by spending enjoyable time.

9. Watch your portion

Use smaller plates to serve your meals your plate will look full, but you'll be eating less. Slow down and avoid eating second portion.

10. Don’t stop in the kitchen

If you can’t hold yourself, don’t sit in the kitchen. If you want to skip snacking, especially at night, close the kitchen doors after dinner. Remember, if you start to eat you won’t be able to finish.