How to Avoid Gaining Weight at Hotel Breakfast Buffet






Orange Juice 1 glass= 110 calories, 1 gr fat, 0 gr protein, 33 gr sugar

If you consume fruit as a whole the fibers in it helps reduce the effects of sugar. But when you only drink the juice the fiber will disappear and your sugar may suddenly increase. Start the day with skim milk instead of fruit juice! According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Nutrition, those who prefer milk instead of fruit juice for breakfast consume 8.5% less calories at lunch. Choose skimmed milk instead of orange juice! (1 glass= 86 calories, 0 gr fat, 8 gr protein, 12 gr sugar)


Melon 3 thin slices= 135 calories, 30 gr sugar

It is important to include in to the diet as many different fruits and vegetables as possible. But be careful with melon, high calorie and low nutrient content. Choose a handful of grapes instead of melon slices! Grape contains polyphenols, which you can find in red wine also, helpful in the heart disorders. So take a handful of grape without increasing the calories! (Grape 20= 68 calories, 16 gr sugar)


Waffle with 2 tablespoons maple syrup= 375 calories, 11 gr fat (2 gr saturated), 68 gr carbohydrate

Can you see all these pores on the surface of the waffle? These pores are created by margarine and syrup captured in the mass of dough. This, of course, means more carbohydrates, more fat and more calories. If you want to save yourself from drowning in syrup, choose a food with a flat surface; Like pancakes! If you choose a delicious pancake instead of the waffle for breakfast, you will cut more than half of the calories. But if your preference is still waffle, you can use agave syrup instead of maple syrup to reduce calories. The low glycemic index of the agav syrup will help your blood sugar to perform a slightly more comfortable pass after a high carbohydrate breakfast! Prefer pancakes instead of waffles! (Pancakes made with 2 tablespoons maple syrup= 276 calories, 8 gr fat (2 gr saturated), 48 gr carbohydrate)


Fruit flavored whole-grain yoghurt= 388 calories, 10 gr fat (3 gr saturated), 15 gr protein, 53 gr sugar

The addition of corn syrup makes the fruit-flavored yoghurt even more sweet than 3 balls of ice-cream. Instead, make your own flavor! Keep the yoghurt simple and choose the fruit and nuts / walnuts / almonds you want! Red fruity and plain yoghurt = 290 calories, 13 gr fat (5 gr saturated), 13 gr protein, 20 gr sugar A bowl of skimmed milk with corn flakes and a slice of banana= 267 calories, 0 gr fat, 10 gr protein, 57 gr carbohydrate. Although this choice is not a bad start of the day, nothing can be compared with eggs for breakfast! So start the day with a nice omelet! Research shows that people who have eggs for breakfast tend to eat less during the day. Prefer eggs instead of corn flakes! (Scrambled egg 2 large eggs= 204 calories, 14 gr fat, 2 gr carbohydrate)


Whole grain toast with jam 2 slices= 262 calories, 2 gr fat (1 gr saturated), 50 gr carbohydrate

Whole-grain bread is a good choice; but most of jam is made of half fruit and half sugar. Instead of sugar from jam, you can get energy by choosing peanut butter, what would be much more useful! Take a delicious English muffin instead of jam! English muffins always win the battle with the bread for breakfast! Whole grain, low fat English muffin toast=162 calories, 5 gr fat (3 gr saturated), 25 gr carbohydrate